Cancun Booze Boats

Cancun offers many different boat cruises to suit all the different kinds of tastes. You can either hop on board a dancing all night Cancun booze boat, a relaxing day boat cruise or an adventure-filled pirate boat cruise. Whatever you choose, you will be in for a fun filled journey that you will remember for years to come. On these Cancun booze boats you will enjoy open bars, delicious gourmet meals, dancing, and snorkelling, swimming and water sports. You will sail through crystal clear waters and discover the precious marine life the lies await under the Caribbean seas. Let’s take a look at our top list of Cancun booze boats below and if one catches your eye then you can book online or at your hotel.


Jolly Roger Pirate Booze Boat
This is a booze boat cruise for the whole family to enjoy. A night full of pirate action and entertainment from start to finish. This is one of the best Cancun booze boats for fun loving visitors aboard a galleon that was modelled on Columbus’ flagship that he sailed for the first time to the Americas. This booze boat will whisk you away into a pirate fantasy full of sword fighting, rope swinging and a pirate battle. You will enjoy a delicious gourmet dinner and full open bar. Adults and kids alike are destined to enjoy the pirate entertainment, making this one of the most enjoyable booze boats in Cancun. If you think this adventure is the one for you, then simply book online or at your hotel.

Spring Break Booze Boats
If you are a party lover then this is the booze boat for you. This booze boat leaves in the early evening where you will firstly stop of to have a cooling swim while the sun sets over the beautiful shore of Cancun. Then the party really starts; three hours of dancing to the newest sounds from the Cancun booze boat’s dj and drinking as much as you want from the open bar on board. The dancing and drinking will continue to flow all the way back to port where you will then continue the party in one of Cancun’s vibrant nightclubs. If this fun and flirty booze boat is for you then you can simply book online or ask at your hotel.

Saturday night Booze Boats
This late night booze boat starts at 10pm and ends at 1am. If you love to dance and party hard then this is the one for you. You will be dancing to the newest sounds on board a Mississippi style riverboat. There is a full open bar for you to drink to your heart’s content. This is not like any nightclub you will have experienced before, this is a chance to dance under the stars whilst sailing the Caribbean waters. You can enjoy fun games and contests whilst gazing at the twinkling shoreline of Cancun. If you would like to join this amazing party then book your booze boat online or at your hotel.

Dancer Isla Mujeres Booze Boat
This is an all-day booze boat that lasts 6 hours taking you from the port at Cancun to the small fishing island of Isla Mujeres. This booze boat is on board a catamaran that features three levels. This means it can cater for everyone; whether you love to party or simply relax you can do it on this booze boat. On the first level there is DJ, which is perfect for those who wish to dance all day. The second level is perfect for those who wish to relax and sunbathe; and the third level boasts a viewing deck for everyone to enjoy the 360 degree views of the Caribbean. During your journey on one of Cancun’s most crazy booze boats, you will enjoy a continental breakfast, full lunch and of course an open bar. You can enjoy snorkelling on a beautiful coral reef, contests and games on board and of course exploring the beautiful island of Isla Mujeres. If you wish to book this particular booze boat then you can book online or at your hotel.

Captain Hook’s Booze Boat
This is another pirate themed booze boat for you to enjoy whilst sailing across the Caribbean Sea. The booze boat is 3 hours long and includes a lobster and steak dinner and an open bar for you to enjoy. This no ordinary dinner of course as the pirates will be swinging from the ropes and sword fighting around you as you eat. After dinner the booze boat will meet with another pirate ship and an epic battle will commence. You will then continue dancing into the night as you sail back to shore.

Incredible Cancun Tour Packages

Cancun, and the Riviera Maya as a whole, is a real epicentre of activity in Mexico, and as a result there are a huge amount of Cancun tour packages available for you to choose from. Most of these tour packages can be reserved and booked online before you even get to Cancun as well as when you’re at the hotel. Why not have a look at the types of Cancun tour packages on offer?


Cancun Tour Packages

Drinking and Partying
There’s no shortage of party opportunities in Cancun, but there’s only one tour package that really floats our boat.

Pirate Ship Show Cancun tour Package
The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship (and its competitor the Captain Hook) provides day and night cruises that are both fun-filled and family friendly! While on board you’ll be fed, watered and entertained by the talented and personable crew. The show includes sword-fighting, acrobatics, dancing, and all you can eat and drink; all for the price of your ticket.

Fun in the Water Cancun Tour Packages
Water lovers won’t be able to get enough of these activities.

Underwater Museum
The MUSA underwater museum is a must when you’re in the area for a few reasons. Firstly it is entirely unique; you won’t find another place like this in the whole world. Secondly, a visit to the MUSA underwater exhibitions is a great way to have a day out with your family. You can snorkel over them, dive down to them, or even rent a glass bottomed kayak if you prefer to stay dry! The exhibits here have become a part of the natural landscape, and have formed man-made reefs which are now home to marine wildlife of all persuasions. One of the most recommended Cancun tour packages for those who like to dive.

Swimming with Whale Sharks
If you’re a nature lover then a summer visit to Cancun is a must because at this time of year you can take a tour that allows you to swim with whale sharks. Getting up close and personal with these gentle, majestic giants is truly something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Cultural Cancun Tour Packages
History buffs and the highly cultured love these packages.

Mayan Ruins
The Mayan ruins that pepper the Yucatan peninsula are a huge draw for history lovers from all around the world. Most of the Cancun tour packages take you to Chichen Itza or Tulum where you can see some of Mexico’s most iconic and well-loved scenery. If you’re in the mood to hire a car, however, you can branch out and see some of the less well known sites.

Isla Mujeres
A day trip to Isla Mujeres is one of the most popular Cancun tour packages. This “island of little women” is idyllic, tropical and saturated with history. When it was first discovered it was found to be full of miniature statuettes of women, which is how it got its name, as well as being home to a Mayan temple. Though there are organised tours you can also get a ferry and make a tour of your own. A ferry to Isla Mujeres leaves from Puerto Juarez every half-hour.

Enjoy Booze Cruises in Cancun

Booze cruises are very famous in Cancun as the Caribbean’s calm waters are considered to be one of the best places to enjoy booze on a cruise. The Caribbean Sea has many features like its calm waters and the sunny weather along with the warm evenings making a booze cruise in Cancun a great experience for groups of friends, couples, bachelor parties and even for singles.

One of the best booze cruises in Cancun can be enjoyed on the Jolly Roger pirate ship. The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship show in Cancun is commanded over by Captain Grouch and his dastardly crew, and is the perfect place to have fun and drink like a fish along the coast of Cancun. Booze cruises in Cancun are a lot of fun and there is nothing quite like the entertainment you will find on the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship.

The booze is not the only attraction on the Jolly Roger pirate ship; it is also accompanied by fireworks and an incredible pirate show as well. While the Jolly Roger pirate ship is out sailing on the Caribbean Sea, you will be able to watch the pirates walk the plank with a bottle of rum along with sword fighting and acrobatics, and even the rope swinging just like the olden days. This is a booze cruise with a difference.

The Jolly Roger pirate ship show booze cruise in Cancun is available every night and it leaves from Playa Linda pier and leads to a crazy tour of the coast of Cancun accompanied by great food and an open bar. There will be pirate waiters to serve you from a great menu. Your ticket for the Jolly Roger pirate show not only includes the entertainment but also as much booze as you can stomach in 3 and a half hours. It is a complete package which has drinking, dancing, feasting and entertainment all together. So do not wait anymore; you should be rushing to get your hands on this experience of the Jolly Roger pirate ship show Cancun, the only booze cruise in Cancun to guarantee a pirat-acular time!