Cancun Boat Tours

Cancun is a city of sand and sea, so it’s not surprising that there are a huge number of different boat tours which cater to tourists of all ages and persuasions. As far as party, or booze cruises go, however, there are a few that are truly stellar. This is why we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 Cancun boat tours which, between them, offer food, drink, games, snorkelling, competitions, swimming and even lunch in one case!

There are few activities which will allow you to see the precious and spectacular marine wildlife of the Mexican Caribbean while partying the evening and night away. You can book tickets for all of the following cruises online or through your hotel when you arrive, but don’t try to book the same day you wish to attend as you may well be disappointed. These popular Cancun boat tours are, after all, very popular.


Cancun Boat Tours


  1. Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Cancun Boat Tour

The Jolly Roger pirate ship is one of the top Cancun boat tours that offers amazing experiences for all persuasions for guests of all ages; the iconic boat is, itself, a replica of Christopher Columbus’s flagship galleon, the Santa Maria. The night cruise boat tour is family-friendly, but includes an open bar – so mom and dad can enjoy a few beers or wines while the kids all play together. This is a fantasy cruise that aims to make you feel that you have entered the Golden Age of pirates, and it does remarkably well. The show that you will enjoy with dinner is pure, swashbuckling fun and the crew are a pleasure to watch.



  1. Captain Hook’s Cancun Boat Tour

Captain Hooks is an alternative option for a pirate themed shows Once you’ve eaten the boat will rendezvous with another to stage an epic battle – after which you can take full advantage of the music, dancefloor and open bar while the boat heads back to port.


  1. Spring Break Booze Boats

Spring break party lovers of the world – this is the booze cruise for you! Leaving in the early evening, this cruise really lives up to its name When you first leave port the boat will stop so that you can take a swim in the ocean while the sun sets. Then you’ll be brought on board to enjoy the DJ’s selection of music along with the open bar, obviously, and the three hours of dancing that will ensue. The party keeps going right until the boat docks, so you don’t have to worry about missing a single moment of fun on this lively Cancun boat tour.


  1. Saturday Night Booze Cruise

This late night cruise is one of the best Cancun boat tours for hard-core party animals; it leaves port at 10pm and returns at 1am, just in time to catch the hotel zones nightclubs in full swing! This Mississippi river boat has an open bar, and gives you the chance that no nightclub will; to dance under the twinkling, Caribbean stars. The fun contests and games that will dot the night are also a great way to get to know your fellow boat goers.

  1. Dancer Isla Mujeres Booze Boat

For the committed party-goer there is the Dancer Isla Mujeres Booze Boat which leaves in the morning and supplies you with a full continental breakfast to set up for the day ahead. While on this three level catamaran you can sunbathe, dance, swim and even just relax with a book. Halfway through the 6 hour cruise you’ll get a big lunch to soak up some of the alcohol and keep you moving into the night. The 360 degree view offered from the top level of the catamaran is phenomenal, especially as the sun starts to descend. You’ll be back in Cancun in time for dinner, though, so don’t knock yourself silly – the night clubs await!


These are but a few of the Cancun boat tours available to you when staying in Cancun on vacation, however, they are the Cancun cruise that receive the most consistently positive feedback from customers and tourists of all ages and persuasions.


Who knows the Name of Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship?

Anyone who loves the tales of Peter Pan, the Darlings and Neverland knows the name of Captain Hook’s pirate ship.

Captain Hook’s Pirate ship was called: The Jolly Roger

The infamous pirate Captain Hook of fairy tale fame was captain of the Jolly Roger Pirate ship. Captain Hook’s pirate ship was manned by Mr. Smee and his pirate crew and commanded by the most famous pirate in fictional history. With many adventures, battles and conquests, Captain Hook and his crew successfully terrorized the inhabitants of Neverland on his quest for revenge against Peter Pan.

In the story of Peter Pan, Captain Hook eventually loses his pirate ship to the boy who never grew up, who uses it to sail the Darling family back home. But not before a huge battle. What makes Captain Hook’s pirate ship all the more magical, allowing Peter Pan to take the children back home to London from Neverland, was Tinkerbell’s fairydust, which allowed the pirate ship to fly.

Things that Happened upon Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship
It was upon the Captain Hook’s pirate ship, the Jolly Roger that Wendy was made to walk the plank. However, there was no splash when she hit the water because Peter Pan was there to catch her. Tiger Lily, a beautiful indian girl was held captive by Captain Hook on the Jolly Roger and rescued by Peter Pan.

It is easy to see why Captain Hook’s pirate ship, the Jolly Roger, is among the most iconic pirate ships in history.

What’s The Truth about Pirates?

The idealization of the assumed pirate lifestyle is quite understandable. It is easy to see how some could romanticize the idea of sailing the endless oceans, under the warm sun – a life free from the binds of the era’s restrictive laws was a good one. But our romantic idea of a pirate’s life isn’t even close to the reality.

Check out the truth about pirates

Most buccaneers would have had a good tolerance for the motion of the sea and, if they didn’t have sea-legs before they came aboard they would certainly develop them quickly. With that said, the nature of the sea in rough weather, and the fact that wooden ships at that time didn’t handle the rough waters as well as modern ones do, could easily incur sea-sickness. A seasick pirate was very common.

Bathing was practically unheard of aboard pirate ships as fresh water was one of the most precious commodities on board, especially on long voyages. As a result the smell of sea-sickness was not the only one to accompany the ship around the world. The only way a pirate could get clean would be if they stood outside in the rain with all their clothes on as salt water would cause chafing!

High Risk
A life of piracy had high risks: there was a high death rate, and the possible loss of limbs and vital parts of the body like eyes was also a risk. Death in battle, and execution were the most common causes of death for these men (and women!).

Basic Food
Far from gourmet, the food options aboard a pirate ship were limited – arriving to port was a special yet risky treat to appease the appetite. Fresh produce would only last a few weeks at most, and dried food was the staple diet once livestock ran out.

Chronic lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, not to mention poor hygiene, led to vitamin deficiencies and avoidable illnesses such as dysentery.

Democratic Processes
While the punishments meted out by pirates were somewhat brutal, their process of choosing the captain and head crew members were spectacularly modern! Pirates of the Golden Age were advocates of the democratic process and voted on all the most important aspects of their life. In fact a pirate captain only had full authority during battle!

Accepted Homosexuality
Situational homosexuality was fairly common aboard pirates ships, but so too were monogamous homosexual relationships. In fact, pirates even had a form of gay marriage which they called matelotage. This was particularly important in the event of the death of one of the partners; it entitled the men to share all assets and inherit each others loot upon death.

Tour Activities in the Riviera Maya

Choosing to take a vacation in the Riviera Maya is one of the best choices you could make for many reasons! The whole of the Riviera Maya is full to the brim with things to do, see and experience as well as tour activities. The kinds of tour activities in the Riviera Maya that you can expect to enjoy include: Mayan ruins and other archaeological sites, coral reefs, cenotes, music, dancing and wonderful cuisine. Mexico is somewhat of a heavenly vacation destination due to the year round sunshine and stunning beaches, not to mention the gorgeous culture! In the Riviera Maya specifically, however, there are a range of tour activities you can choose from.

Top 4 Tour Activities in the Riviera Maya

1 – Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Show Cancun
The Jolly Roger Pirate ship is one of the best tour activities in the area and we swear we’re not just saying that because you’re on our blog. We’ll take you on a night cruise along the coast of Cancun’s famous hotel zone and provide you with your evening meal, drinks and a range of entertaining shows and activities; all included in the price of your ticket! If you’re staying in the heart of Riviera Maya in places like the Playa del Carmen or Puerto Morelos then the Jolly Roger is less than 30 minutes away! You don’t have to travel far to reach the Riviera Maya’s 1st most popular and highly rated tour activity on TripAdvisor! What’s better, during special promotions, any kids under 12 can come along for free with a paying adult!

2 – Tulum
Though there are many wonderfully preserved, and utterly stunning Mayan ruins on the Riviera Maya, Tulum is undoubtedly the crown jewel. Tulum was once a great Mayan trading city and it’s beach side location now makes it one of the best ruins for a family day out. It once traded in jade but now it offers the perfect photo opportunity for you and your family while on vacation. If you like history and culture, as well as a little relaxation, then Tulum should definitely be on your top five list of tour activities in the Riviera Maya.

3 – Xcaret
Of all the Riviera Maya, Mexico tour activities on offer, Xcaret is one of the most reliably sensational days out; it cannot fail to please families with its mix of food, adventure and entertainment. The subaquatic cave rivers you’ll see while wading through waterfalls and caverns are some of nature’s most wondrous features. Highly recommended for families, adventure seekers and animal lovers!

4 – Cenotes
These sinkholes are, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico tour activities you can explore. The underwater caves are the perfect place for you to swim, snorkel or dive, depending on your experience level, and the tours on offer give you a great day out for all ages!