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Are you looking for some pirate fun and adventures? If you are, cruising along the Mexican

Caribbean waters is the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship which offers just the swashbuckling shows and

experiences you long for. This ship which docks in Cancun will create lasting pirate memories

with its realistic pirate fights, bandit diet, and buccaneer gigs. Stir up that inner piracy in you as

you explore Cancun on this fabulous pirate ship tour.

Pirate Fun in Cancun

Your venue for the best pirate fun in Cancun is the Jolly Roger pirate ship, which is a

reproduction of the Santa Maria ship which was part of Christopher Columbus’s maiden fleet to

the Americas in the sixteenth century. The Jolly Roger pirate ship is a great place to experience

and be involved in pirate activities that even your youngest ones can do, like treasure hunting.

This pirate ship also offers modern amenities while you get the feel of the Caribbean of the past.

You get to taste unlimited local drinks alongside a gourmet meal that you ordered in advance,

served by charming pirate waiters as you cruise the Cancun coastline.

What to expect

Your fun pirate journey begins as pirates greet you in Cancun’s hotel zone at the Playa Linda

Pier. The Jolly Roger pirate ship awaits you while it docks with the Cancun panorama as its

backdrop. A souvenir picture will be taken for your pirate memorabilia. As you enter the ship, co-

pirates will encourage you to drink up so your fun in Cancun can get underway. There are

choices of drinks including beers, wine, cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks…. And this is just a

prelude to your adventurous night out in Cancun. More drinking, grooving and entertainment

will help you work up an appetite because a feast of delectable food awaits. The whole pirate

trip will be three and a half hours and you are guaranteed the most fun in Cancun ever!

Feasting like Captain Hook!

Feasting like a pirate captain happens in the ship’s belly where regular and premium meals will

be served. There are five meal options which include two vegetarian meals. Some of these

gourmet meals are cheese ravioli; vegetarian lasagna; chicken breast with cheese, spinach, and

poblano sauce; fish fillet with fine herbs and white wine sauce; and mignon fillet in pepper or

plum sauce. If you opted for premium dishes, you will savor the tasty lobster meals fit for pirate

cravings like grilled lobster in garlic-butter sauce or lobster tail with filet mignon. Aside from

these main dishes, an abundance of salads, hot breads, and sorts of garnishes will complete

your meal.

The Show of all Shows!

After filling up with these palatable dishes, prepare for the real action as this pirate ship comes

alive in the midst of the Mexican Caribbean. Outrageous sword fights, dynamic acrobats with

breath-taking rope swings, special effects and amazing fireworks will leave you speechless.

Fighting pirates while cannons blaze in the background will stir the pirate spirit in you. This

suspense will keep you on the edge of your seats. Adding to this anticipation is the hilarity of the

show caused by the performance’s thrilling and twisting plots.

Pirate fun in Cancun can be yours on the Jolly Roger Pirate ship show!

Best Show and Pirate Ship in Cancun

Ahoy, shipmates of all ages, if ye be seeking adventure and fun on the high seas while vacationing in Cancun then the Jolly Roger Pirate ship has just what you need! Hop on board this skilfully recreated replica of the famous Santa Maria for a day and find yourself transported to the Golden Age of pirates with the talented and scurvy crew of the Jolly Roger pirate ship Cancun. This 16th century Galleon is a dream come true for would be sea dogs of all ages.

So, arrrgh you ready to be amazed by fun on the high seas? Arrrgh you ready for the ultimate pirate adventure to be found in Cancun and the best show? Well look no farther.

The best show and pirate adventure in the Caribbean!

A cruise on the Jolly Roger Pirate ship is not just a cruise; it’s three and a half hours of fun, fireworks, acrobatics, and wining and dining for you and your whole family. This really is the whole package; you needn’t worry about any aspect of the day as the price of your ticket covers it all. Not only is this the best show and best value in Cancun, but it is the most entertaining, fun, and informative of all.

Authentic Pirate Ship for the Best Show in Cancun

The Jolly Roger itself is a faithful replica of the Santa Maria, the flagship of Christopher Columbus which came to the Americas in the 16th century. The masts of the Galleon can be seen from quite a distance, too, as they stand proud amongst the other sights of Cancun’s skyline. Your trip begins when you arrive at Playa Linda pier, but it will take you back to the Golden Age of the pirates as the ship sets sail. There’s something so therapeutic about the creak and groan of the wood and the hissing of the swell.

the best show in cancun

Are you ready for the Best Show in Cancun?

The fun and games begin pretty much as soon as you board the ship in Cancun, there will even be photos as you board, but the voyage cannot begin without the captain. As the tension rises on the waterfront you will no doubt see him; when you do it’s nearly time to go. Up on deck you’ll meet your very own pirate waiter who will take your drink order and keep you topped up with domestic drinks for free all evening. First you will drink, then dance and sing and laugh with the crew as you set sail for adventure and work up an appetite.

Wining and dining in Cancun

Your best show ticket also entitles you to a delicious three course meal in the belly of the Jolly Roger ship. Along with some red or white wine you can choose from five different standard meal options which include vegetarian dishes. Your choices are: filet mignon in plum or pepper sauce, cheese raviolis, fish with herbs and a white wine sauce, chicken breast stuffed with cheese and spinach, or even vegetarian lasagne. If you opt for the premium dining option you can also choose from lobster tail grilled with garlic and butter sauce, or a surf & turf option (lobster tail and filet mignon). You also get access to an extensive salad bar, garnishes and homemade, fresh baked bread with your dinner.

The Best Show in Cancun – The Last Pirate Night

The show really hots up after dinner has been polished off and the plates have been put away. This is when swords begin the clash, intrigues see the light, acrobatics are performed and the rope-swinging takes place amidst smoke and canon fire. The feuding Cancun pirates will battle to the bitter end and keep you perched on the edge of your seat with excitement. Otherwise, you’ll have to hold on tight so you don’t slip off it with laughter.

the last pirate night

Your little pirates

Your little pirates are always welcome on board the Jolly Roger Pirate ship – that’s why there are special activities set up especially for them by the crew! While you dance and drink and dine your little ones can have their own delicious meals and soft drinks before heading off on a special treasure hunt designed just for them.

There really is nothing else quite like an evening aboard the Jolly Roger Pirate ship in Cancun, Mexico. What are you waiting for; your invitation is already here for the best show in Cancun.

Premium Combo Tour – Cancun Pirate Ship and Mayan Ruins

You can take advantage of excitement and adventures with one premium combo tour, which includes visiting the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza and exploring the Caribbean Sea aboard the Jolly Roger Cancun Pirate Ship. Right now you can upgrade to the premium combo tour package that provides you and your family with added privileges and amenities with the Jolly Roger Pirate ship show and the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza.

diseño precio-jolly-roger-mini

Look what you can enjoy when you upgrade to the premium combo tour in Cancun.


Cancun – Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza Premium Combo Tour

Treat your family for an entire day of adventure to the famous Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, near Cancun, which will take you back in time of the classical era and time of the Mayan people and their architecture. The site is protected by certified UNESCO. Chichen Itza is considered to be one of the seven modern day world wonders, and once you see the ancient Mayan site you will agree too. Visitors can climb the central pyramid and explore the remains, then stop for a minute and just try to imagine what life was like ten decades ago.


Along with visiting the Mayan ruins, visitors will also get to go to the city of Valladolid with the premium combo tour and there visitors can explore and enjoy the natural waterhole, the Xcajum cenote, and this is added fun when swimming. The premium combo tour provides all guests with drinks all day long and a wonderful buffet lunch. There will also be a guide to inform you all about the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza.


Premium Combo Tour Includes the Jolly Roger Cancun Pirate Ship Performance

The next adventure that guests will enjoy with the premium combo tour is the best Cancun pirate ship show on the Jolly Roger pirate ship. Cancun’s favorite and most popular boat tour provides adventure, fun, and a great time, all of which occurs on the Caribbean Sea. Guests will be provided with unlimited Captain Grinch’s personal beverages during the pirate ship show and cruise.


The Jolly Roger Cancun pirate ship premium combo tour comes with a delicious dinner of surf and turf and lobster and guests will drink unlimited drinks, dance, and watch the best pirate entertainment. This adventure will last you a lifetime of memories and you can even purchase the video to remember and show your friends. Arggh! The three and a half hours pirate ship performance and cruise is will leave a smile on your face.

Cancun Ship Tours

When you stay in Cancun the ocean is a constant presence, so it makes sense that some of the most popular activities to be found are based on the water. Cancun ship tours, otherwise called pleasure cruises or booze boats are great fun and good value for money. Whatever option you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy open bars, good food, the best music and even some activities like snorkelling, swimming, organized games and watersports.

Below you’ll find a list of our absolute favourite Cancun ship tours.

  1. Dancer Isla Mujeres Booze Boat

This is a truly unique Cancun ship tour; the ‘Dancer Isla Mujere’ cruise lasts all day and is the only offering that gives you a big, continental breakfast to set you up for a long day of partying. You’ll also get a full lunch to keep you ticking over nicely, and access to a stellar open bar. The great thing about this 6 hour booze cruise is that it takes place on a three level catamaran which means that all tastes are catered for. The top level is the perfect place for getting a panoramic view of the Caribbean while you party, and the second is a great place for sunbathing and relaxing. No matter where you go, however, there is plenty of dancing room. While on board you can enjoy snorkelling, swimming, and the exploration of the small fishing island of Isla Mujeres.

  1. Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Tour

This is one of the most famous and loved attractions in Cancun, and perhaps the most inclusive and entertaining Cancun ship tour on this list. The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Tour is the best option for all the family. The ship itself is iconic within the city; a replica galleon based on the flagship of Christopher Columbus. This Cancun cruise will delight you with a swashbuckling show, music, dancing, song and plenty of grog. The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Tour is without a doubt one of the most vibrant cruises available to party lovers in Cancun.

  1. Saturday Night Booze Boat

For the night owls and weekend lovers there is the Saturday Night Booze Boat which leaves port at 10pm and keeps on partying until its return to land at 1am. The Mississippi style river barge gives the Cancun ship tour a unique and relaxed atmosphere; dancing under the stars while some of the best Caribbean music pulses around you is an experience that party lovers will remember for years to come… well, most of it anyway. The games and contests held on board are designed to engender a fun ambience, but you can simply watch if you don’t want to join in.

  1. Spring Break Booze Cruise

Party lovers can do little better than the Spring Break Booze Cruise which is a Cancun ship tour that leaves in the early evening and progresses as the sun goes down. First off all, you will stop to have a swim in the calm, cooling waters of the Caribbean. This is the perfect way to get rid of the grime of the day before moving on to party. A DJ will ensure you’re supplied with the best music while the open bar keeps you full of beer and cocktails for the next three hours. This is a fun and flirty booze cruise for you to enjoy with your friends or partner. Once you dock again you can always head out to one of Cancun’s famous nightclubs to continue the party into the early hours of the morning.

  1. Captain Hook’s Booze Cruise

Captain Hook’s pirate ship is a dinner cruise with an open bar. The lobster and steak dinner is popular tool. Captain Hook’s pirates will put on a great show while you eat, and afterwards you’ll meet another boat for an epic battle to round the evening off. You can dance and drink all the way back to port, if you wish.

All of the Cancun ship tours mentions on our top 5 list can be booked online or through your hotel when you arrive, but you should book early as they are popular and sell out fairly quickly despite having large capacities.

Cancun Boat Tours

Cancun is a city of sand and sea, so it’s not surprising that there are a huge number of different boat tours which cater to tourists of all ages and persuasions. As far as party, or booze cruises go, however, there are a few that are truly stellar. This is why we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 Cancun boat tours which, between them, offer food, drink, games, snorkelling, competitions, swimming and even lunch in one case!

There are few activities which will allow you to see the precious and spectacular marine wildlife of the Mexican Caribbean while partying the evening and night away. You can book tickets for all of the following cruises online or through your hotel when you arrive, but don’t try to book the same day you wish to attend as you may well be disappointed. These popular Cancun boat tours are, after all, very popular.


Cancun Boat Tours


  1. Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Cancun Boat Tour

The Jolly Roger pirate ship is one of the top Cancun boat tours that offers amazing experiences for all persuasions for guests of all ages; the iconic boat is, itself, a replica of Christopher Columbus’s flagship galleon, the Santa Maria. The night cruise boat tour is family-friendly, but includes an open bar – so mom and dad can enjoy a few beers or wines while the kids all play together. This is a fantasy cruise that aims to make you feel that you have entered the Golden Age of pirates, and it does remarkably well. The show that you will enjoy with dinner is pure, swashbuckling fun and the crew are a pleasure to watch.



  1. Captain Hook’s Cancun Boat Tour

Captain Hooks is an alternative option for a pirate themed shows Once you’ve eaten the boat will rendezvous with another to stage an epic battle – after which you can take full advantage of the music, dancefloor and open bar while the boat heads back to port.


  1. Spring Break Booze Boats

Spring break party lovers of the world – this is the booze cruise for you! Leaving in the early evening, this cruise really lives up to its name When you first leave port the boat will stop so that you can take a swim in the ocean while the sun sets. Then you’ll be brought on board to enjoy the DJ’s selection of music along with the open bar, obviously, and the three hours of dancing that will ensue. The party keeps going right until the boat docks, so you don’t have to worry about missing a single moment of fun on this lively Cancun boat tour.


  1. Saturday Night Booze Cruise

This late night cruise is one of the best Cancun boat tours for hard-core party animals; it leaves port at 10pm and returns at 1am, just in time to catch the hotel zones nightclubs in full swing! This Mississippi river boat has an open bar, and gives you the chance that no nightclub will; to dance under the twinkling, Caribbean stars. The fun contests and games that will dot the night are also a great way to get to know your fellow boat goers.

  1. Dancer Isla Mujeres Booze Boat

For the committed party-goer there is the Dancer Isla Mujeres Booze Boat which leaves in the morning and supplies you with a full continental breakfast to set up for the day ahead. While on this three level catamaran you can sunbathe, dance, swim and even just relax with a book. Halfway through the 6 hour cruise you’ll get a big lunch to soak up some of the alcohol and keep you moving into the night. The 360 degree view offered from the top level of the catamaran is phenomenal, especially as the sun starts to descend. You’ll be back in Cancun in time for dinner, though, so don’t knock yourself silly – the night clubs await!


These are but a few of the Cancun boat tours available to you when staying in Cancun on vacation, however, they are the Cancun cruise that receive the most consistently positive feedback from customers and tourists of all ages and persuasions.


Cancun Trips – Ship Adventures

When staying in Cancun there are thousands of things to do and trips to enjoy; and as such, it can be hard to discern what’s going to be the best use of your valuable vacation time in Cancun. One great way to enjoy an evening, or day, in Cancun is by getting on board one of the many party boats and trips that can be found around the town. Party animals couldn’t possibly be disappointed by the experiences that are on offer; open bars and gourmet meals on the shimmering Caribbean waters with the stars twinkling overhead… there are few better ways to spend an evening than on one of Cancun’s ship adventures. Here are our top picks when it comes to booze cruises and ship adventures in Cancun.

Cancun Trips – Ship Adventures

Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Adventure

The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship is an icon in Cancun; this replica galleon was modelled on Columbus’s flagship and is pretty realistic. When you’re on board for the night cruise pirate ship adventure, you’ll be entertained by the crew in a spectacular display of acrobatics, staged fights and rope-swinging. Furthermore you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious three course meal while you enjoy the show. Your tickets buy you access to the open bar, too, so you don’t need to worry about bringing money on this Cancun trip unless you’re going out afterwards/getting a taxi to your resort (there is also a port fee). This pirate ship adventure is a great choice for all generations as it is family-friendly and accepts kiddies on board.


 Saturday Night Booze Boats

This booze cruise is a late night option amongst Cancun trips for night owls; starting at 10pm and moving forward until 1am this cruise will get you back into port just as the nightclubs are really hitting their stride. This is the ultimate pre-night out party. The Mississippi-style riverboat vessel also gives this ship adventure a unique feel and look. Be sure to get involved in the games and contests on offer while you’re on board, and be sure to enjoy the views! Not many booze trips give you the chance to dance under the stars!

Spring Break Booze Boats

As far as Cancun trips and ship adventures go, the Spring Break Booze Boats are in a league of their own and not recommended for families. This is definitely the boat that rocks – and it’s one that we’d highly recommend for friend groups and singletons looking to party. As the sun sets over Cancun you’ll be taken out to calm waters where you can choose to take a cooling swim before the party really gets started. When the DJ gets started you’ll realize what a fun night you’re in for; they’ll play all of the best tunes to keep you on your feet while the night slips by. When you arrive back in Cancun you’ll be close to the hotel zone, and so you can head on over to the nightclubs to keep the party going.

Captain Hook’s Booze Boat

Captain Hook Pirate Ship Adventure is an alternative choice for families who want to get involved in some pirate themed fun. It’s a dinner cruise with a show and open bar attached. A lobster and steak dinner features, and when you’re done another boat will meet yours to stage an epic battle. Once all the fighting is done you and your family can dance and have a few drinks while the boat returns to shore.

Dancer Isla Mujeres Booze Boat

Those looking for a long-haul Cancun trip can invest in tickets for the Dancer Isla Mujeres Cruise which lasts for a whopping six hours and includes a full continental breakfast, snacks, lunch and an open bar (there’s no danger of going hungry!). While on board you can sunbathe on the top floor of the three level catamaran, or relax with a cocktail on the second. You’ll also get the chance to snorkel and swim around the coral reefs next to Isla Mujeres. You can even explore the island itself. Throughout all of this, however, there will be the DJ and the bar. This is a great option for Cancun trips on a boat for party lovers, and it offers some of the best views of the Caribbean seas and Mexican shoreline.

Tickets for all of these Cancun trips and ship adventures can be booked online before you arrive, or at your hotel, but we would recommend booking ahead because they are quite popular. Adventure and fun await on the waters off Cancun​!

A Brief History of Pirates

Thanks to Hollywood, and to literature, the world has never been more fascinated with the pirates and piracy. The legend that has sprung up around these buccaneers is vivid and exciting, but did you know that the history of piracy is much, much longer and more varied than these tall tales let on?


First Pirates
The first recorded instance of pirate activity dates back to 3000 BC, yep that’s before the Romans, to the ancient and almost forgotten Empire of Sumer (which was in modern day Iraq). This great kingdom found its trade and communication lines severely disrupted for many years when pirates made their way up the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to attack Sumerian settlements and cities. It took longer than you’d think to put these swashbucklers down.

Though piracy no doubt continued in the interim the next record of major instances of piracy dates to 700 AD and heralds the beginning of a 400 year reign of terror. Between 700 and 1100 AD Viking raiders sailed the narrow seas of Europe and mounted fearsomely quick attacks from their Dreki long-boats. Though they’re not considered true “pirates” by today’s definition they certainly were wolves of the sea!

On the other side of the world the Mediterranean was under attack from The Barbary Coast and pirates from North Africa around 1400-1800 AD, and through it all there were the Chinese pirates. These pirates prowled the South China Sea for the best part of 1000 years and still hold the record for the largest pirate fleet ever put together, led by a woman no less!

But the pirates of which we all think, the Caribbean and Atlantic pirates of the 1600s and 1700s, have made the biggest impression on our cultural psyche. So keep in mind when you watch the Pirates of the Caribbean that piracy has a long history!

Pirates of Viking Descent

The Vikings were the forerunners of the pirates found around Britain and Scandinavia during the Golden Age of Pirates. There were a few big differences, however, between the Vikings and the pirates that would follow in later centuries.

Pirates of Viking

What makes Vikings Pirates?
Firstly, Vikings did not limit themselves to attacking other ships, in fact they specialized in raiding villages and islands. They were adept fighters and sailors, and their favored tactic was to land, raid, and leave with stunning brutality and speed. This is what they did to the Island of Landisfarm in the 8th century. They were able to get their long-boats much closer to the shore than many others because of their shallow draft and narrow deck; they are designed to get in and about the narrow fjords and inlets of the Vikings home countries.

Vikings, pirates and Religion
The reason for their warlike nature can be traced back to the Vikings religion. The Vikings didn’t believe in just one God, but in a Pantheon of Gods who were largely dedicated to warfare and the honour of the battlefield. They believed that those men and women who fought well and died on the battlefield would be rewarded in the afterlife via admittance to Valhalla. This militaristic focus can be seen clearly in the way they treated their weapons.

Weapons fit for pirates and vikings
A Vikings weapons were often named, given personalities, and treated with the utmost respect. They were prized possessions, and a lot could be deduced about a Viking warrior by studying his or her weapon. For example an axe which was heavily engraved had probably been owned for a long time, and depending upon what the runes said you could learn a little about where it and its owner had been. A warrior of high status might have these runes filled in with silver to create an ornate and valuable weapon.

Unlike the pirates of later years Vikings didn’t live on their ships; they launched from fishing villages in their home countries and returned their once their voyage was over.

All You Need to Know About Pirates

So, you are a fan of pirates, and you think you know all there is to know about pirates? Well, you might not have heard about some of the pirate facts that we are about to share here. If we have missed any important pirate facts, then add them to the comment box located at the end of the blog page.

Top Ten Pirate Facts!

1. Pirates loved to wear earrings, because for some reason they thought it improved their eyesight. They didn’t wear the earrings as a fashion statement.

2. Blackbeard was one of the best known and famous pirates, but his actual name was Edward Teach. He did have a peg leg, but it wasn’t from fighting, he lost it from diabetes.

3. Anyone who commits a crime on the ocean is known as a pirate. The crime could be any crime such as robbing, killing, or fighting.

4. Most pirate ships flew a black flag. The Jolly Roger Flag was distinct as it had a skull and crossbones, because it was a scare tactic used, so the pirates wouldn’t have to fight but scare their victims into submission.

5. Pirates ran their ships under a voting democratic system. The voting would determine where the ship would sail and in some cases, who would be captain.

6. When pirate captains saw the chance that their ships might be captured, then they would hurry up and change into civilian clothing, so they could blend in and escape.

7. Women were forbidden on pirate ships, because it was thought that women would bring bad luck onto the ship. Many of the pirates would often fight over the few women that were on the ship, because there was never enough women for each pirate.

8. A favorite beverage that all pirates enjoyed drinking was called Grog. Grog was actually an alcoholic beverage that was made from rum that had been diluted with usually water, and sometimes with beer. Sometimes the pirates would spice up their Grog with limes, peppers, and sugar. This all would depend upon the supplies that was on the ship. The pirates enjoyed drinking the Grog hot and cold, depending on the temperature where they were sailing.

9. Pirates were often considered men that couldn’t get a good job, but that isn’t a fact. Pirates loved being pirates, because they loved sailing. Sailors who were forced to be sailors didn’t make much money, and had a very terrible life. Pirates made great money, and had a pretty good life (until they were caught).

10. Most pirates didn’t bury their treasures. Many times they couldn’t bury their treasures, because the treasures would consists of clothing, food, or items that would be ruined if it was underwater or underground.

Book an All Inclusive Isla Mujeres Family Cruise

The Jolly Roger pirate ship cruise is the top Isla Mujeres family cruise offered in Riviera Maya and Cancun, on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. There are so many fun, exciting, and amazing activities that will keep each member of the family amused while the pirate ship cruises gently towards Isla Mujeres. This all inclusive Isla Mujeres family cruise is a great day out that provides memories forever while you are enjoy your Mexico vacation.

All Inclusive Isla Mujeres Family Cruise in Cancun
This family cruise to Isla Mujeres makes its journey from Cancun to Isla Mujeres, just a few miles from the lovely coast of Mexico. There is no way you should pass up this opportunity when visiting Cancun or Riviera Maya. Isla Mujeres is not a very big island as it is less than 700 meters wide and only 7 kilometers long; and visiting Isla Mujeres is a perfect outing for something different while on vacation in Cancun. Isla Mujeres Island has a very small ruin erected in memory of the Mayan goddess Ixchel, which is how the island got its name Island of Women. The goddess Ixchel represents women and the moon, and when the early Spanish conquistadores found statues in her honor, they named the island accordingly. This island is known as the best island for diving or snorkeling, and the Jolly Roger All Inclusive Isla Mujeres Family Cruise is one of the top tours offered in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Top Inclusive Family Cruise on the Jolly Roger
The Jolly Roger all inclusive Isla Mujeres family cruise is the best family cruise you will find on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. The Jolly Roger takes off from a Cancun pier called Playa Linda, which can be access by any transportation from your hotels in Cancun or Riviera Maya. The outing will start off on the beautiful Spanish galleon, the Jolly Roger, which is an identical ship that looks just like the Santa Maria Spanish ship that sailed to the Americas carrying Christopher Columbus.

The all inclusive Isla Mujeres family cruise is a full day of fun on a pirate ship. The Jolly Roger pirate ship cruise will take you and your family on fun treasure hunts, snorkeling, playing in the clear waters, and on the beach too. The family-oriented pirate ship cruise also puts on a fun pirate show, so everyone will be fully entertained throughout the day.

The show that the pirates put on includes dancing, singing, fighting with dangerous swords, and swinging from ropes. Every family will be assigned a pirate waiter and team leader who is there to meet your family’s needs and to keep you entertained. Your pirate will take you snorkeling, swimming, and other fun things, then make sure you are always fed on your day trip to Isla Mujeres.

The Isla Mujeres Pirate Adventure family cruise comes with breakfast and lunch included, as well as snacks and drinks. This all inclusive Isla Mujeres family cruise makes sure that nobody leaves the cruise hungry or thirsty, because your pirate makes sure of that.

Right now is the time to book your very own inclusive Isla Mujeres cruise for your family. This is the cruise that your family will remember forever.