Pirate Fun in Cancun

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Are you looking for some pirate fun and adventures? If you are, cruising along the Mexican

Caribbean waters is the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship which offers just the swashbuckling shows and

experiences you long for. This ship which docks in Cancun will create lasting pirate memories

with its realistic pirate fights, bandit diet, and buccaneer gigs. Stir up that inner piracy in you as

you explore Cancun on this fabulous pirate ship tour.

Pirate Fun in Cancun

Your venue for the best pirate fun in Cancun is the Jolly Roger pirate ship, which is a

reproduction of the Santa Maria ship which was part of Christopher Columbus’s maiden fleet to

the Americas in the sixteenth century. The Jolly Roger pirate ship is a great place to experience

and be involved in pirate activities that even your youngest ones can do, like treasure hunting.

This pirate ship also offers modern amenities while you get the feel of the Caribbean of the past.

You get to taste unlimited local drinks alongside a gourmet meal that you ordered in advance,

served by charming pirate waiters as you cruise the Cancun coastline.

What to expect

Your fun pirate journey begins as pirates greet you in Cancun’s hotel zone at the Playa Linda

Pier. The Jolly Roger pirate ship awaits you while it docks with the Cancun panorama as its

backdrop. A souvenir picture will be taken for your pirate memorabilia. As you enter the ship, co-

pirates will encourage you to drink up so your fun in Cancun can get underway. There are

choices of drinks including beers, wine, cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks…. And this is just a

prelude to your adventurous night out in Cancun. More drinking, grooving and entertainment

will help you work up an appetite because a feast of delectable food awaits. The whole pirate

trip will be three and a half hours and you are guaranteed the most fun in Cancun ever!

Feasting like Captain Hook!

Feasting like a pirate captain happens in the ship’s belly where regular and premium meals will

be served. There are five meal options which include two vegetarian meals. Some of these

gourmet meals are cheese ravioli; vegetarian lasagna; chicken breast with cheese, spinach, and

poblano sauce; fish fillet with fine herbs and white wine sauce; and mignon fillet in pepper or

plum sauce. If you opted for premium dishes, you will savor the tasty lobster meals fit for pirate

cravings like grilled lobster in garlic-butter sauce or lobster tail with filet mignon. Aside from

these main dishes, an abundance of salads, hot breads, and sorts of garnishes will complete

your meal.

The Show of all Shows!

After filling up with these palatable dishes, prepare for the real action as this pirate ship comes

alive in the midst of the Mexican Caribbean. Outrageous sword fights, dynamic acrobats with

breath-taking rope swings, special effects and amazing fireworks will leave you speechless.

Fighting pirates while cannons blaze in the background will stir the pirate spirit in you. This

suspense will keep you on the edge of your seats. Adding to this anticipation is the hilarity of the

show caused by the performance’s thrilling and twisting plots.

Pirate fun in Cancun can be yours on the Jolly Roger Pirate ship show!

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