Weather in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Nothing can really beat a vacation in the sunshine, next to rolling waves, with a light sea-breeze to cool your skin… The Riviera Maya in Mexico offers this great weather all year round! In fact, this part of Mexico has more sunshine days per year, on average, than many Caribbean islands! Warm daily temperatures bless this region and make it one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world for those looking to escape winter snows and summer rainfall in other parts of the world.

Sunny Weather in the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is a truly amazing vacation destination for a huge array of reasons, but for many the average of 240 sunshine days per year that really sell it! If you do your maths you’ll see that it’s practically impossible to get a fully rainy vacation, and very unlikely you’ll get even one or two rainy days. The days are long, too, at 11 hours in winter and 13 in summer… so you’ll see that the Riviera Maya is an ideal summer vacation location thanks to its great weather. In fact, the long days and sunny weather here are very good for combating seasonal affective disorder, too!

Weather in the Riviera Maya

Feeling hot, hot hot!

The heat in Riviera Maya is both temperate and consistent all year round with it generally staying between 66 and 91 Fahrenheit (19 and 33 Celsius). Temperatures very rarely drop below 57 Fahrenheit (14 Celsius) or pass 93 Fahrenheit (34 Celsius). The waters, too, are generally pleasant sitting at between 80 and 82 Fahrenheit (26 and 28 Celsius).

Rainy Weather

Of course, one of the most pressing concerns regarding the weather when on vacation is dealing with the rain. Never fear, in the Riviera Maya, the chance of rain throughout your entire vacation is very low with only 60 rainy days per year (on average). When it does rain in the Riviera Maya, however, you will find that it is much less off-putting than it can be in colder climes. Tropical storms typically blow over quickly and so won’t ruin your day entirely, and the showers will be warmer than you would expect in colder places. You’re more likely to have rain between June and November which is hurricane season in the Riviera Maya.

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